Weight Bench Press Fitness Flat Gym Exercise Benches with Barbell Holder


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Are you struggling to find a reliable and versatile workout bench that suits your fitness needs?

Discover the solution you've been looking for with the FitnessLab Flat Gym Weight Bench.

The FitnessLab Flat Gym Weight Bench is designed to address your fitness challenges and empower you to achieve your goals. With its sturdy steel construction, this bench ensures stability and durability during workouts, eliminating safety or reliability concerns.

Our FitnessLab Flat Gym Weight Bench is the solution to your need for versatile fitness equipment. It accommodates various exercises, such as chest presses, dumbbell workouts, and core exercises, allowing you to diversify your routine and achieve a full-body workout effortlessly.

Experience a workout bench that addresses your problems, delivers on its promises, and propels you toward your fitness aspirations – the FitnessLab Flat Gym Weight Bench.

Barbell not included


  • Versatile Fitness Equipment - With the FitnessLab Flat Gym Weight Bench, you can diversify your fitness routine, target various muscle groups, and achieve a full-body workout, helping you reach your fitness goals efficiently and effectively.
  • Compact and Space-Saving Design - Its compact design makes it a perfect fit for smaller workout spaces, allowing you to maximize your gym area while still enjoying the benefits of a versatile workout bench.
  • Cushioned Padding - The cushioned padding ensures you can work out in comfort, reducing discomfort and strain during your routines, and making your fitness sessions more enjoyable and sustainable.
  • Sturdy Steel Construction - You can trust this bench to support your weight and provide a safe and reliable platform for your exercises, ensuring you can focus on your fitness goals without any concerns about durability or safety.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain - You can keep your workout area clean and hygienic effortlessly, ensuring a more pleasant and hassle-free fitness experience.


    Materials: Tubular Steel, High-Density Foam
    Dimensions (LxWxH): 58 x 113 x 90cm
    Weight Capacity: 400kg

    Package Content

    • Flat Weight Bench x 1
      Assembly Manual

    Weight Bench Press Fitness Flat Gym Exercise Benches with Barbell Holder


    RRP $183.00

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