Rubber Olympic Weight Plate Lifting Bumper Barbell Fitness Home Gym Crossfit Training


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No Excuses. Whether you are a beginner or a fitness buff this product is perfect for you. 

FitnessLab’s Rubber Olympic Bumper Weight Plates is your best companion for those weight lifting workouts without having to worry about the floor or the plates themselves from breaking during those sudden drops. 

Compatible with Olympic sized barbell and dumbbell sleeves. Made of solid cast iron core and steel centre ring. Protected with high-quality durable rubber. It is made for heavy-duty use and abuse to keep up with your workout demands. 

Weight plates come in 5kg / 11lb (4 pack), 10kg / 22.0flb (2 pack), 15kg / 33.07lb (2 pack) and 20kg / 44.1lb variations.


  • Variety of Workouts - these bumper weight plates are built to create weight resistance for your barbells and dumbbells BUT you can also do a ton of workouts using the weight plates alone. Here are…
    9 Amazing Bumper Weight Plates Exercises
    Plank Plate Switches
    Plate Push-ups
    Lateral Raise
    Front Shoulder Raise
    Chest Squeeze Press
    Squat Press
    Side Bend
    Overhead Press
  • Tri-Grip Ergonomic Design - functional feature for a better and more comfortable weight plate grip for a variety of exercises without even using a barbell or dumbbell bar!
  • Durable - No more worrying about scratches or plates cracking in half. The rubberized protection is made to withstand weight plate drops so you can focus on your workout sessions instead.
  • Made for Power Focused Workout - think Crossfit, HIIT, that high intensity and powered workouts that require you to push yourself to the limit, weight plates included. Lift them, drop them over again and these plates won’t mind.
  • Worthy Long Term Investment - from beginner to fitness buff these weight plates are built to last. As you shed and burn those fats away, FitnessLab’s Bumper Weight Plates are built to stay.


    Brand: FitnessLab

    Material: Solid Cast Iron Core, Steel, Rubber

    Colour: Black

    Product Dimensions (Diameter x Thickness)

    5kg / 11lb: 27.5cm x 2.7cm

    10kg / 22.05lb: 32.7cm x 3.8cm

    15kg / 33.07lb: 36cm x 5cm

    20kg / 44.1lb: 40cm x 5.3cm

    Package Content

    • FitnessLab Weight Plates: 15kg x 2

    Rubber Olympic Weight Plate Lifting Bumper Barbell Fitness Home Gym Crossfit Training


    RRP $270.00

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