MIUZ COSMO Chair 911 With Headrest Adjustable Breathable Ergonomic Mesh Office Computer Chair with


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MIUZ COSMO Office Chair is designed to best support the human body for posture, comfort, support, and health. It has an adjustable feature to allow better control and custom settings. Improve the way you work and boost productivity with the comfort of the breathable mesh and high-density foam cushion. We combine thoughtful ergonomic design and premium materials to bring the best ergonomic seating to your home or office. We made sure all MIUZ COSMO ergonomic chairs come with the most essential feature: lumbar support. Sit back and relax as we offer you the best comfort in your home and office. 

The MIUZ Cosmo Ergonomic chair is full of comfort and adjustable features that allow workers in an office to maintain the right posture while being productive on the job.

BACKREST FEATURE - Supports one’s position while you get seated. You can adjust the height with your feet on the floor. You can also keep your knees at a right-angle degree to the floor level. The COSMO Chair helps correct and improve your posture.

ENHANCE YOUR COMFORT WITH THE ERGONOMIC DESIGN - You can adjust the features depending on your liking. It supports your hip bones as well as the buttocks. Thus, no more numbness or exhaustion while sitting for extended office hours.

ENJOY THE SWIVEL FEATURE - Allows you to move around swiftly. It makes work easy as one doesn’t have to get out of their seat. You also don’t have to strain or extend to reach an object.

FORWARD TILT MECHANISM - Adjusts the angle of the seat. The front of the seat can be tilted up or down. This reduces the pressure on the lower back, ensures proper posture, and alleviates blood flow to the legs and feet.

GREAT FOR LUMBAR SUPPORT - Gentle curves in the backrest shape or inserts into the body of the backrest. It is intended to avoid flattening of the lumbar spine that can occur when seated and is used best in conjunction with a tilting seat.

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE SEAT - Allows you to adjust the chair so that feet are firmly on the floor or footrest. Also ensures that the keyboard and work surface are at an appropriate height. In a perfect world, you should be able to achieve both without a footrest. A height-adjustable desk may be part of this ideal solution.


Dynamic Lumbar Support
Breathable Mesh Surface
High Density Foam Cushion
Ergonomic design
Tilt Mechanism
Lumbar Support


Brand: MIUZ
Seat material: High density foam
Back material: Mesh fabric

Package Content

  • MIUZ Cosmo Ergonomic Office Chair x1
    Manual x1

MIUZ COSMO Chair 911 With Headrest Adjustable Breathable Ergonomic Mesh Office Computer Chair with


RRP $432.00

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