Comfeezzz Pregnancy Nursing Maternity Baby U-Shaped Breastfeeding Sleeping Pillow Support Breathable


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Comfeezzz U-shaped maternity pillow is truly U-nique. Designed to give you full-body comfort and support when you need it. Best suited for pregnant, nursing mothers, babies, side sleepers, and just anybody who wants to sleep with full-body support to alleviate or take away body pains. 

The U-shaped design gives you an ergonomically aligned sleep position. It is versatile enough to be used during pregnancy, for when mothers are breastfeeding, napping with babies, or recuperating from life’s beautiful gift of giving birth. 

This pillow is made with breathable fabric and polyester filling giving you the ultimate level of comfort and ensuring you a good night's sleep.

How to Properly Decompress and Fluff Pillow

Fluff By Hand:

1. Take the ends of the pillow by hand. Move hands inwards, as if touching them together to compress the pillow.
2. Next, pull your hands apart while still holding the ends of the pillow for the decompression motion.
3. Repeat the motion for at least 30 seconds.

Fluff in a Spin Dryer:

1. Important: When using this method in the dryer, set to AIR ONLY, NO HEAT.
2. Place pillow in the spin dryer for 15 minutes before first use for decompression.
3. After 15 minutes, take out of the spin dryer and fluff pillow by hand following the instructions above.


  • Sleep with Ergonomics - the U-shaped design is intended to provide full-body support. Keep legs and hips parallel, and the neck is supported and aligned with the back while you sleep. Wake up rested and refreshed.
  • Pregnancy Pillow - provides full-body support. Aligns neck, back and hips. Reduces lower body pressure. Improvement of pregnancy conditions such as heartburn, nasal congestion, and leg cramps.
  • Versatile - you can use this pillow while sleeping, creating a full back and sitting support pillow. Recuperating from pregnancy, nursing your precious one, lounging or getting a good night’s rest.
  • Quality Materials - made with a polyester filling that is hypoallergenic. Light yet fluffs back into shape.
  • Size - 130cm x 70cm sized pillow provides ample body support while sleeping. Sleep at Ease with Comfeezzz.


    Brand: Comfeezzz
    Material: Velboa Fabric Cover; Polyester Filling
    Dimensions (LxW): 130cm x 70cm

    Package Content

    • Comfeezzz U-shape Body Pillow x 1

    Comfeezzz Pregnancy Nursing Maternity Baby U-Shaped Breastfeeding Sleeping Pillow Support Breathable


    RRP $117.00

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