Portable Pet Dog Playpen Enclosure Cage 8 Panels


RRP $159.00


Are you a proud pet owner looking to provide the best possible environment for your furry companions? You're not alone! In fact, research shows that 3 out of 5 Australian households have a pet - a higher ownership rate than many other countries around the world.

At TOPET, we understand the love and joy of having pets. But we also know that being a responsible owner comes with its fair share of challenges. How do you create a pet zone inside your home that's safe, comfortable, and pet-friendly? How can you give your pets enough freedom to move around and play without coming home to a disaster zone?

That's where the TOPET Indoor Pet Playpen comes in. Designed to keep unwanted behaviours like chewing, barking, and potty accidents at bay, our pet playpen creates a safe space for your furry friends to play, relax, and enjoy their time indoors. Whether you have a puppy, a dog, a cat, a rabbit, or any small to medium-sized pet, our playpen is the perfect solution for promoting commendable indoor behaviour.

So why wait? Give your pets the freedom they crave without sacrificing the safety and cleanliness of your home. Choose the TOPET Indoor Pet Playpen and join the many happy pet owners already enjoying this innovative product's benefits. Now in a new design!




  • Multiple Configuration - Our playpen comes in 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 panels. Gives you better options for size according to your available space and pet’s needs. It easily snaps and fits with each panel giving you flexibility. Make it into a square, rectangle or other shapes to conform to your requirements.
  • Foldable and Portable - A foldable and portable pet playpen you can easily set up and take down when necessary. Need to move your pet’s space to another room? Do you need to increase or decrease the playpen area? Need to take a pet playpen when you travel? TOPET’S Portable Pet Playpen is the answer.
  • Create a pet safe zone - Give your pets a comfortable, enclosed space they can call their own. A safe zone that gives them a sense of security, especially when you have to leave them for some time indoors. Limiting their access helps instil discipline, pet safety and peace of mind.
  • Pet-Friendly Design - Ideal for indoor use. It comes in 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 easy connectible panels. Made even more stable with upgraded attachments, and stronger metal tube panels.
  • Quality Build - Made of coated aluminium alloy panels. The pet playpen includes 1 gate, universal bars, stickers and screws. Made to be sturdier for your growing pets.


    Materials: Powder Coated Metal Tubes, ABS Plastic Attachments
    Features: Detachable, Portable, Easy Assembly
    Dog Size: XXS, XS, S and M
    Life Stage: Puppy, Adult, Senior

    Package Content

    • Varies according to the size of the playpen

      8 Panels: Universal bars x 16; Pipes x 51; Support Stickers x 9; Screws x 17; Wrench x 1
      10 Panels: Universal bars x 20; Pipes x 65; Support Stickers x 11; Screws x 21; Wrench x 1
      12 Panels: Universal bars x 24; Pipes x 79; Support Stickers x 13; Screws x 25; Wrench x 1
      14 Panels: Universal bars x 28; Pipes x 93; Support Stickers x 15; Screws x 29; Wrench x 1
      16 Panels: Universal bars x 32; Pipes x 107; Support Stickers x 17; Screws x 33; Wrench x 1

    Portable Pet Dog Playpen Enclosure Cage 8 Panels


    RRP $159.00

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